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Hurricane Studio Sagl

Based in Ticino, Switzerland

Founding Date

December 22, 2021

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Pet Your Animal

Snowball Rush

Chomper Mobile


Via Zorzi 29A

6900 Paradiso



+41 78 923 72 52


Hurricane Studio is an Indie game development firm based in Ticino Switzerland, founded by Diego Blank, Theo Blank and Lena Kraus, each with roles that are essential for game development: programming, 3D art & animations and 2D art & music composition.


The Beginnings

Hurricane Studio was founded in 2021 by Diego Blank, Theo Blank and Lena Kraus. The first two mobile games released by the studio were test games, with the purpose of exploring and learning additional game development skills while following game design techniques. At the time, Pet Your Animal and Snowball Rush were great accomplishments and the start of a dedication to create quality and memorable games.


Struggling to find funds, the studio was approached by an American investor with interests in making a digital remake of an existing board game to teach sustainability. After several meetings the project increased in scope and became a significant project that plans to lead players into a multiplayer strategy game where building, maintaining and managing a self-sustaining town is the ultimate goal. After months of planning and grant applications, the project started to take shape and a game design document was created.


At the same time, Hurricane Studio completed development for Chomper mobile, their first mobile game to gain traction and show promise; a tribute to a mix of classic arcade games with a modern adaptation.


As of late 2023, Hurricane Studio has been working on their first PC release, Chomper, a remake of Chomper mobile. Chomper is a modern interpretation of bringing together classic tower defense and real time strategy mechanics, all with an arcade feel layered on top. Alongside Chomper, Hurricane Studio is continuing in the development of PowerHaus, adding onto the existing proof of concept and exploring different game direction possibilities.


Pet Your Animal

Snowball Rush


Chomper Mobile






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+41 78 923 72 52

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